Spring/summer waste collection schedule begins March 29

News Release

Spring/summer waste collection schedule begins March 29

With warmer weather around the corner, residents are encouraged to visit edmonton.ca/waste to confirm their waste collection schedule. Starting March 29, food scraps carts will be collected once every week. Garbage carts will continue to be collected every two weeks and recycling will be collected every week. The spring/summer collection schedule runs until November 1.

Through weekly collection, the spring/summer collection schedule helps manage odours in the food scraps cart during warmer months and accommodates for higher volumes of yard waste. Seasonal adjustments to collection schedules also help control costs and maintain stable rates.

Every household with cart collection will also receive two yard waste collection days in the spring (between April 25 and June 20) and two in the fall (between October 3 and November 25). Yard waste collection will occur on Mondays, with specific dates included on your waste collection schedule. 

Yard waste should be set out in see-through plastic or double-ply paper bags. There is no limit to how much you can set out. Yard waste includes leaves, twigs, branches, fallen fruit, dead plants, grass and other plant material from your yard or garden.

By setting out yard waste for seasonal yard waste collection, Edmontonians are helping produce valuable compost that will be available for free at the Ambleside and Kennedale Eco Stations from spring to fall. To learn more about City of Edmonton Compost, visit edmonton.ca/ecostations.

Alternatively, you can manage excess grass clippings by leaving them on your lawn. Doing so prevents them from becoming waste in the first place and adds nutrients to your soil. “Going Bagless” or grasscycling means simply removing the bag from your mower and leaving the clippings on the lawn while mowing your grass. Find more information at edmonton.ca/gobagless

You can view your yard waste collection dates and collection schedule by:

Downloading the WasteWise app on the Google Play or Apple App Store

Visiting edmonton.ca/waste

Referring to the printed collection calendar you received in the mail (unless you opted out of a printed copy)


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