Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing, statement on Senior’s Week

Senior’s Week 2022 

Each year, the first full week of June is Seniors’ Week in Alberta, a grand tradition dating back 36 years.

As Minister of Seniors and Housing, getting to declare Seniors’ Week is one of the best parts of my job. 

This year, Seniors’ Week kicks off on Monday, June 6, and continues through June 12.

Seniors’ Week is about garden parties and fun-filled evening BBQs, but mostly it is our opportunity to recognize and celebrate seniors and their enormous contributions to our families, communities, and province. 

Simply put, seniors built Alberta, and we owe them so much. 

Seniors matter in our lives each and every day.  They are not only our parents or grandparents, but they are mentors, our favourite lunch date, the charming seatmate at the theatre, and the foursome member who is deadly on the putting green.

Seniors are volunteers, colleagues at work, or a kind and considerate boss. 

In fact, to recognize the importance of this week to seniors and older adults, this year, the Government of Alberta proclaimed the first full week of June as Seniors’ Week in Alberta going forward.

Alberta seniors are diverse.  Many arrived here from all over the world, eager to start new lives.  I salute the resilience of so many seniors who have bravely endured the past two years with grace and fortitude.

All Albertans are eager to celebrate and recognize seniors – and to do so in person.

So this week, make sure you take a moment to recognize the seniors in your life, who live on your block, in your community, and across our province.

I plan to be travelling in parts of Alberta during the first week of June, and I hope to see you and say Happy Seniors’ Week.

Enjoy the week – and thank you to all seniors for your lifetime of contributions to Alberta.
-Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing. 


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