Alberta’s government officially recognizing Sept. 1 as Alberta Day to celebrate Alberta’s rich cultural heritage, recognize its unique place in Confederation

News Release
Celebrating Alberta’s heritage

Alberta’s government is officially recognizing Sept. 1 as Alberta Day to celebrate Alberta’s rich cultural heritage and recognize its unique place in Confederation.

Creating one day every year to celebrate Alberta is in keeping with the Fair Deal Panel recommendation to “explore ways and means to affirm Alberta’s cultural, economic and political uniqueness.”

On Sept. 1, 1905, the Alberta Act came into effect, formally establishing the Province of Alberta. Recognizing this date in perpetuity as Alberta Day gives Albertans an opportunity every year to come together in a spirit of celebration and express their pride in all things that are uniquely Albertan.  

“Alberta is exceptional in every way. We are the custodians of one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse natural environments.The Indigenous people of this place are an inspiration in how they have overcome great adversity to create an ever brighter future, rooted in their ancient cultures and customs.

“The pioneer spirit and entrepreneurial culture of Alberta have driven our province to become one of the most prosperous and generous places on Earth. We must remember and learn from our history and acknowledge our shortcomings while proudly celebrating our heroes and achievements.

“Creating a new annual tradition of Alberta Day – the day we entered Confederation – will be one way of showing our pride in this amazing province.”

Jason Kenney, Premier

“Throughout our 116-year history, Albertans have been generous, disciplined and creative. We should be proud of the province we have built together. Establishing Sept. 1 as Alberta Day is a significant step in affirming Alberta’s unique spirit, our contributions to and challenges within Confederation and what it means to be Albertan.”

Ron Orr, Minister of Culture

The Government of Alberta will host Alberta Day celebrations in Edmonton and Calgary and will support other municipalities in planning and hosting their own events, potentially in conjunction with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. More details will be shared in the coming months.

In the lead up to the first Alberta Day this September, the Government of Alberta will launch a communications and engagement campaign celebrating Alberta’s history, its people and its contributions to Confederation.

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