Filipinos receive awards for invaluable contributions in Alberta Province

News Release

The Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards launched in June to celebrate the invaluable contributions immigrants make to the province’s neighbourhoods, economies, professions and communities. Recipients include youth, women, seniors, entrepreneurs, academics, professionals and community builders who have made a difference in their schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods and volunteer organizations. 

Small Community Enhancement Award

Marjorie Villanis

Marjorie came to Pincher Creek as a temporary foreign worker to work in the hospitality industry. She is one of the first Filipinos to come to Pincher Creek and is known as the pioneer of the Filipino newcomers in the community. Marjorie is a hotel operations manager who has used her role to advocate for an environment of inclusion and diversity in Pincher Creek. She has encouraged residents to welcome new Albertans to the community. Through these efforts, she has contributed to workforce recruitment and retention in Pincher Creek.

Student Inspiration Award

Noah Tumalad Elle

Noah has demonstrated a strong balance between his academic life and community involvement. As a junior high student, he has maintained academic excellence while also being involved in the school’s jazz band and various sports activities. As a member of the community, he has volunteered his time and effort in worthwhile pursuits such as regularly preparing sandwiches for the needy. He has also offered his services at the pancake breakfast hosted by the Knights of Columbus, visited the seniors’ home, and initiated a book drive for the Reading Hub in Albay, Philippines. To support the Kidney Foundation’s yearly fun run, he has run the 10 km race twice before turning 10 years old. He is an active member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

Senior Spirit Award

Lucenia Ortiz

Lucenia is a co-chair of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op and is a co-founder of the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, where she has contributed to building community capacity of and civic engagement with ethno-cultural communities. Her work includes skill building workshops and supporting local intercultural initiatives. Through her advocacy and support of ethno-cultural communities, she has brought people’s stories, knowledge and lived experiences to light.

 AlbertaNewcomerRecognitionAward_Proof 185.jpg


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