Premier announces new cabinet

News Release

Premier announces new cabinet

Alberta’s Premier has announced her new cabinet, with a focus on ensuring Albertans’ interests and priorities are well represented.

Twenty-four members of the Government of Alberta’s cabinet are being introduced to Albertans in advance of their taking the oath of office.

The new cabinet represents a strong mix of rural and urban MLAs from every geographic region of the province, each of whom the Premier recognizes as a strong advocate for their community and province. They are committed to standing up for Albertans, growing our economy and addressing affordability.

Joining the Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs in cabinet are:

Deputy Premier and Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions – Kaycee Madu

Deputy Premier and Minister of Infrastructure – Nathan Neudorf

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance – Travis Toews

Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development – Brian Jean

Minister of Justice – Tyler Shandro

Minister of Health – Jason Copping

Minister of Energy – Pete Guthrie

Minister of Environment and Protected Areas – Sonya Savage

Minister of Technology and Innovation – Nate Glubish

Minister of Affordability and Utilities – Matt Jones

Minister of Municipal Affairs – Rebecca Schulz

Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors – Devin Dreeshen

Minister of Public Safety – Mike Ellis

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation – Nate Horner

Minister of Forestry, Parks and Tourism – Todd Loewen

Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism – Rajan Sawhney

Minister of Education – Adriana LaGrange

Minister of Advanced Education – Demetrios Nicolaides

Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction – Dale Nally

Minister of Indigenous Relations – Rick Wilson

Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services – Jeremy Nixon

Minister of Children’s Services – Mickey Amery

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions – Nicholas Milliken

Minister of Culture – Jason Luan

“I am thrilled to being working with this strong, determined, united group of MLAs. Alberta’s future is bright – but there’s a lot of work to be done. Our team will work every day to gain your trust, make bold changes and continue to build the most innovative, entrepreneurial and welcoming province in the world. I want to thank our entire team for their tireless dedication to Albertans and we’re looking forward to the days ahead.”

Premier of Alberta

Caucus leadership positions will include:

Whip (Minister without portfolio) – Brad Rutherford

House Leader (Minister without portfolio) – Joseph Schow

Deputy House Leaders – Kaycee Madu, Mickey Amery, David Hanson

Ministers will be assisted in their work by the following parliamentary secretaries:

Parliamentary Secretary for Ukrainian Refugee Settlement – Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

Parliamentary Secretary for EMS Reform – RJ Sigurdson

Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Health – Tany Yao

Parliamentary Secretary for Economic Corridors – Shane Getson

Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism – Miranda Rosin

Parliamentary Secretary for Agrifood Development – Glenn van Dijken

Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism – Devinder Toor

Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women – Tanya Fir

Parliamentary Secretary for Community Outreach – Muhammad Yaseen

Parliamentary Secretary for Procurement Transformation – David Hanson

Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business – Martin Long

New government committees will be chaired by:

Economy and Affordability Cabinet Policy Committee – Jason Nixon

Alberta First Cabinet Policy Committee – Garth Rowswell

Social Services Cabinet Policy Committee – Searle Turton

Building Communities Cabinet Policy Committee – Pat Rehn

Legislative Review Committee Chair – Jason Stephan

Treasury Board members will include:

Travis Toews

Matt Jones

Nate Glubish

Rebecca Schulz

Devin Dreeshen

Jordan Walker

Rick Wilson

Nathan Neudorf

Pete Guthrie

Cabinet members will be sworn in on the morning of Monday, Oct. 24 at 11 a.m. and will then begin receiving briefings from their departments.


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