Premier Smith issues mandate letters to government ministers to take actions to stand up for Albertans, get a better deal for Alberta within Canada

News Release

Standing up for Albertans

Premier Danielle Smith has issued mandate letters to multiple government ministers to take actions to stand up for Albertans and get a better deal for Alberta within Canada.

Letters to the ministers of Energy, Environment and Protected Areas, Justice, Public Safety and Emergency Services, and Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism outline concrete actions the Alberta government will take to protect Albertans from federal government overreach, defend Alberta’s energy interests, and enhance trade and investment.

“Albertans are proud Canadians and we want to ensure that Alberta’s voice remains strong on our priorities, interests and concerns. The direction I have given to our ministers sends a clear signal that the Alberta government will stand up for Albertans and vigorously defend our ability to develop our resources and economy.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Key actions outlined in the letters include:

Defending Alberta’s energy interests against hostile federal government legislation and policies.

Passing the Sovereignty Act to ensure Alberta can better respond to unconstitutional federal encroachments on areas of sovereign provincial jurisdiction.

Examining current unconstitutional federal laws and policies, and bringing forward specific proposals under the Sovereignty Act to defend Alberta’s interests.

Developing alliances with other provinces to address climate policy and federal intrusions into provincial jurisdiction.

Developing a made-in-Alberta climate strategy and standing up for Alberta’s jurisdiction to manage our own resources.

Continuing Alberta’s intervention in legal challenges that oppose federal firearms legislation.

Enhancing Alberta’s trade to ensure the province is a top destination for foreign investment.

Ensuring Albertans are living in safe communities and continuing to maintain and improve emergency services.

“Unconstitutional federal government overreach into areas of provincial jurisdiction has to stop. With these mandates, Albertans can be confident they have a government focused on standing up for them, building and diversifying our economy, and putting a stop to hostile federal economic policies that landlock our resources and harm the short-term and long-term prosperity of Albertans.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

The mandate letters issued Nov. 10 build on mandates already announced to address the effects of the affordability crisis and to increase supports for families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans. Additional letters will be issued over the next week, addressing in detail Premier Smith’s commitments to Albertans to address challenges in health care, job creation and diversifying Alberta’s economy.

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