Premier Smith issues mandate letters to multiple government ministers tasked with addressing the effects of affordability crisis

News Release
Taking action on affordability

Premier Danielle Smith has issued mandate letters to multiple government ministers tasked with addressing the effects of the affordability crisis.

The letters to the ministers of Affordability and Utilities, Children’s Services, Culture, Education, Municipal Affairs, and Seniors, Community and Social Services outline specific actions the Alberta government will take to help Albertans deal with the national inflation crisis, improve quality of life and increase supports for families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans.

“Alberta’s economy remains strong, but many middle- and lower-income families, seniors and vulnerable Albertans are struggling to even heat their homes and feed their families. With these mandate letters, our message to Albertans is clear: help is on the way. Our government has Albertans’ backs, and we will take decisive action now and in the coming weeks and months to help our fellow Albertans manage through this storm.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Key actions outlined in the letters include:

Ensuring income supports, such as AISH and the seniors benefit, are adjusted for inflation.

Development of targeted inflation relief measures to address affordability and cost-of-living concerns for families, seniors and others hit hardest by the inflation crisis.

Actions to immediately address the cost of utility payments, including a review of Alberta’s electricity pricing system.

Continued work with the federal government to increase the affordability and availability of child care.

Continuing to address gaps in mental health and wellness support for our youth.

“Affordability and the inflation crisis are top of mind for Albertans, and as these mandate letters show, they are also top of mind for the Alberta government. I have tasked ministers to provide real relief to Albertans whose budgets are stretched thin. I know we can get through this inflation and affordability crisis if we work together.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

Additional mandate letters will be issued over the next week in three remaining tranches addressing the issues of health and skilled labour when and where Albertans need it, standing up for Alberta and growing the economy and Alberta Advantage. They will address in detail Premier Smith’s commitments to Albertans to address challenges in health care, job creation and diversifying Alberta’s economy, and to protect Albertans against continued federal government overreach.

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