Funding boost cuts industrial emissions

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Funding boost cuts industrial emissions

The Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund is helping Alberta’s industrial sector reduce emissions and stay competitive.

Alberta’s TIER system is a key component of the province’s strategy to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions. It has been a critical part of Alberta’s emissions reduction leadership showcase at COP27 in Egypt, led by Environment and Protected Areas Minister Sonya Savage.

Alberta has a strong role to play in reducing emissions through technology and innovation. By working with Emissions Reduction Alberta, the province is making up to $50 million from the TIER fund available for the new Industrial Transformation Challenge. This call for proposals, announced at COP27, looks at clean opportunities like mineral and metal extraction, electrification and managing methane emissions.

“Significant investment is needed for game-changing technologies that improve the environmental and economic performance of Alberta’s industrial facilities. The Industrial Transformation Challenge is the latest TIER-funded program that will help accelerate the development and commercialization of promising clean technologies that set our job creators up for success in a lower-emissions future. We look forward to seeing what projects come out of this exciting call.”

Sonya Savage, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

Applicants may receive up to $10 million per project, with a minimum request of $250,000. Funding is available across Alberta’s industrial sectors in both new and existing industries, such as petrochemical, agriculture, forest products, manufacturing, and energy.

“This challenge will help our energy-intensive, often trade-exposed industries invest in new technologies that can fundamentally reduce emissions and improve their competitiveness. Government of Alberta funding through Emissions Reduction Alberta for technology and innovation like this will continue to position Alberta as a forward-thinking investment jurisdiction and industrial leader.”

Justin Riemer, CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta

More information about the program and how to apply is on Emissions Reduction Alberta’s website. Interested applicants are invited to a webinar on Dec. 2 at 9:30 a.m. The deadline to apply for funding is Jan. 19, 2023, at 5 p.m.

“Sustainability is foundational to Alberta’s forest industry, and continuous improvement of our operations and processes is a big part of that. This funding opportunity is an important step that will enable our sector to continue to advance technology and drive innovation. We have already seen remarkable advancements over the last few years, and this challenge presents a real opportunity to take those advancements even further. I look forward to seeing this come to fruition.” 

Jason Krips, president and CEO, Alberta Forest Products Association

“Alberta’s beef sector, recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, has committed to reduce primary production of greenhouse gas emissions by 33 per cent by 2030 through the National Beef Strategy. The Government of Alberta’s commitment through Emissions Reduction Alberta’s Industrial Transformation Challenge will be a key driver in the development and adoption of innovation and technology development necessary to meet this target.”

Janice Tranberg, president and CEO, Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association

“Reaching goals like net zero requires transformational innovation and change along with industry, organizations, government and creative minds coming together to build our sustainable future for generations to come. Government of Alberta funding through Emissions Reduction Alberta provides the opportunity to test, create and find innovative solutions to move this transformation forward.”

Brian Vaasjo, president and CEO, Capital Power

“The chemistry and plastics sector recognizes its responsibility to eliminate waste and pollution while working toward circularity across the value chain. To be successful and remain competitive, billions of dollars of capital investment is needed in advanced recycling, carbon reduction technologies and deployment, and recapitalization of aging infrastructure. This funding from the Government of Alberta through Emissions Reduction Alberta is a step forward in attracting these investment dollars and strengthening the province’s position as a leader in advancing a sustainable, low-carbon economy.”

Bob Masterson, president and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

“Technology is critical to meeting the challenge of meaningfully reducing emissions while unlocking new economic opportunities. Funding from the Government of Alberta and offered through ERA’s Industrial Transformation Challenge is fundamental to achieving ambitious sustainability goals the world demands while also providing Alberta industries an advantage to remain competitive in a global economy.”

Brad Kohl, president and CEO, Lafarge Western Canada

TIER funding

The TIER system is funded by large industry. More than $1 billion from the TIER fund is supporting programs and innovative technologies that drive emissions reductions and diversify the economy, with another $700 million being invested over the next three years.

Quick facts

While Industrial Transformation Challenge technology solutions can originate from anywhere around the world, they must be piloted, demonstrated or deployed in Alberta.

The TIER system helps industrial facilities, which account for more than half of Alberta’s total emissions, find innovative ways to reduce emissions and invest in clean technology to save money and stay competitive.

To date, Emissions Reduction Alberta has committed $821 million from the industrial carbon price toward 231 projects worth $6.5 billion. These projects are estimated to cut more than 40 million tonnes of emissions by 2030.

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