ETS winter service changes start December 4

Public Service Announcement

ETS winter service changes start December 4

Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) winter service changes will be in effect starting Sunday, December 4. These changes are part of the regular service adjustments ETS makes five times per year to reflect public feedback and ridership needs. Some of the adjustments riders will see include Route 73 being split into two routes and Stony Plain Road shuttle service being detoured to accommodate bridge replacement work. 

Route 73

ETS will be splitting Route 73 into two routes: 73A and 73B. This reflects rider feedback which highlighted a need to increase support for riders in the Strathearn area while also maintaining service through Cloverdale.

Route 73A will turn left on 95 Ave through Strathearn, using Connors Road to go downtown. Route 73B will continue to provide service on its original route down 85 St. and 98 Ave. Route 500X will continue to provide service along Connors Road. 

Route 511 will follow Route 73A, moving late night Owl service from Cloverdale to Strathearn.

Stony Plain Shuttle Detour

The Stony Plain Road shuttle bus will be detoured to accommodate the Stony Plain Road bridge replacement. This work is anticipated to take approximately two years to complete. While bridge replacement work begins in late December, ETS is starting this detour on December 4 to align with other winter service changes.

During construction, the Stony Plain Road shuttle will travel on 102 Ave to cross Groat Road. This will lead to several bus stop closures, including at Groat House seniors’ residence. As a result, Groat House will be served by On Demand Transit service from a bus stop located at 127 St and Stony Plain Road eastbound, with service to Corona LRT Station, 116 St and Jasper Ave or the Royal Alberta Museum. 

The Stony Plain Road shuttle buses will also travel on 100 Ave, instead of Stony Plain Road, between 149 Street and Jasper Place Transit Centre. This will help accommodate additional bus stops during roadway changes and sidewalk replacement in the area. 

On Demand Transit Service Update

New On Demand Transit stops are being added to the areas of Rio Terrace, Trumpeter, Kinglet Gardens and Keswick. Other changes include providing new service between the Northwest Police Campus and Eaux Claires Transit Centre.

Other bus service changes 

ETS remains committed to monitoring and adjusting service based on data, public feedback and ridership needs. Changes include:

ETS added contingency trips in September and October to Routes: 73, 500X, 507, 509, 626, 652, 661, 665, 667, 671, 681 and 684 to address overcrowding. These additional trips will continue as part of the winter service adjustments.

Route 500X: Added eastbound and westbound express stops at 89 and Connors Road.

Route 636 (McNally High School) service is extended from Bonnie Doon to Davies Transit Centre.

Route 998 (Stadium shuttle) frequency has been reduced to every 12 minutes. 

Arc electronic fare system launched on November 21 for the Standard Adult fare group in Edmonton and several neighbouring regions. These riders now have the opportunity to purchase an Arc card instead of paying upfront for a monthly transit pass. Price capping will ensure once riders in Edmonton hit a daily ($10.25) or monthly ($100) maximum amount, they can use transit for the rest of the day or month for free. 

Arc will roll out to discounted fare groups including seniors, youth and individuals experiencing low income and riders who use paratransit services in 2023. More information can be found at myArc.ca or contact the Arc call centre at 1-888-302-0001.

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