Alberta’s government introduces proposed legislation to fight federal laws, policies that negatively affect province’s interests; NDP MLAs vote against first reading, describe proposed Act as ‘disastrous’

News Release
Defending Albertans from Ottawa overreach

Alberta’s government has introduced proposed legislation to fight federal laws or policies that negatively affect Alberta’s interests.

If passed, the government will use the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act to stand up to federal government overreach and interference in areas of provincial jurisdiction, including in the areas of private property, natural resources, agriculture, firearms, regulation of the economy and delivery of heath, education and other social programs.

“Albertans are proud Canadians, and we love our nation dearly. The Canadian Constitution is clear that the federal and provincial governments are equals, each with our own areas of exclusive jurisdiction. The Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act will be used as a constitutional shield to protect Albertans from federal overreach that is costing Alberta’s economy billions of dollars each year in lost investment and is costing Alberta families untold jobs and opportunities.”

Danielle Smith, Premier

“Alberta’s government will use the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act to push back on federal legislation and policy that is unconstitutional or harmful to our province, our people and our economic prosperity. It is time to draw a line in the sand, as Albertans rightfully expect the federal government to respect the federal-provincial division of powers.”

Tyler Shandro, Minister of Justice

If passed, the act will give Alberta a legislative framework to formally defend its provincial jurisdiction while fully respecting Indigenous and treaty rights, Canada’s Constitution and the courts.

Importantly, the act will not compel any private citizen or business to violate federal law, nor does this legislation involve anything related to separation from Canada.

In addition, Premier Danielle Smith has tasked her ministers with preparing a number of special resolutions under this proposed act for the spring legislative session to push back on several federal laws and policies that seek to:

Regulate and control Alberta’s natural resources and economic development (i.e., Bill C-69).

Penalize the province’s energy and agricultural sectors, including implementation of mandatory fertilizer cuts and arbitrary emissions reductions that would devastate Alberta’s economy.

Control the delivery of health care, education and other social programs with strings-attached funding.

Confiscate legally owned firearms.

Interfere with the private property or charter rights of Albertans.

Violate other sovereign areas of exclusive provincial jurisdiction.

Additional information regarding the act is online at, as well as in this question and answer document.

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News Release  


EDMONTON – The Alberta NDP is standing up for Alberta’s economic security by voting against Danielle Smith’s disastrous Sovereignty Act at the start of the fall sitting of the Alberta Legislature. 

All NDP MLAs stood and voted against the first reading of Bill 1:The Alberta Sovereignty Within A United Canada Act on Tuesday. The vote followed repeated warnings that the introduction of this legislation would create investment uncertainty, jeopardize federal funding agreements, and risk Alberta’s economic future.

The Alberta NDP is also alarmed by elements of the Act that grant Cabinet new powers to unilaterally bypass the democratic will of the legislature when making laws.

“Danielle Smith was elected by one per cent of the Alberta voters and now she wants to give herself dictatorial powers,” said Alberta NDP Deputy leader Sarah Hoffman. “Danielle Smith and the UCP are focused on creating more chaos, costs and conflict with her Sovereignty Act.”

Multiple Alberta economists, business leaders, UCP cabinet ministers, and the Chiefs of Treaties 6, 7 and 8 have all spoken against the Act. The Alberta NDP is standing up for Albertans who have deep concerns about the economic and social consequences of Danielle Smith’s decision to introduce this legislation.

“We stood up for jobs, and for working people. We stood up for entrepreneurs and innovators. We stood up for our economic future,” said Hoffman. “Business leaders are telling us that the Sovereignty Act is already costing jobs in this province and chasing away investment. Job creators want stability and certainty, not sovereignty. It must be stopped.”

Hoffman expressed the Official Opposition’s disappointment with the speech, as it contained no new ideas to support a resilient economy or address the urgent needs of Alberta families.

“The UCP affordability plan doesn’t even come close to undoing the extra costs piled onto families by the UCP for things like car insurance, school fees, and utilities,” she said. “When it comes to health care, this speech only signaled more cuts and more chaos on the frontlines.”

Last week, the Alberta NDP released their Alternative Speech from the Throne which laid out a clear vision to help families make ends meet and repair critical public services, like health care and education, while also creating a resilient and diversified economy by protecting investor certainty and creating new jobs.

“Albertans have the power to elect a new government in only six months,” said Hoffman. “I’m looking forward to offering them the Alberta NDP vision of a better future.”


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