UCP Caucus demands that Notley must apologize for calling on Justin Trudeau to interfere with Alberta legislation

NEWS RELEASE: Notley must apologize for calling on Justin Trudeau to interfere with Alberta legislation

(EDMONTON, AB) December 1, 2022: Alberta’s United Conservative caucus is demanding NDP leader Rachel Notley apologize for calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to unilaterally quash the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act, should it pass the Legislature.

Notley was asked Wednesday about whether Trudeau – who has indicated he may intervene to quash the legislation – should revoke the bill. In response, she explicitly stated that Trudeau should, saying, “I think if they [the federal government] revoke the Act, that would be the right thing to do.”

“This is one of the most anti-Albertan and undemocratic statements ever uttered by a member of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly,” Chief Government Whip Brad Rutherford said today. “Ms. Notley cannot just pretend it didn’t happen or deny the clear meaning of her words. She stated she supported the Prime Minister of Canada unilaterally overruling and revoking a law passed by the elected members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly. She must apologize.”

Rutherford said Notley is clearly encouraging Trudeau to override an Alberta law she disagrees with, and that this follows a long-line of anti-Alberta comments from the NDP leader.

“This is the kind of rhetoric we expect from Notley’s NDP. They called Albertans ‘sewer rats’ and ‘embarrassing cousins.’ Now, they’re calling on their friend and ally Trudeau to run roughshod over the democratic will of Alberta’s legislature. It’s a disgrace,” he said.


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