Christmas Day: Premier Smith

Christmas Day: Premier Smith

Premier Danielle Smith issued this statement on Christmas Day:

“Regardless of our own beliefs or traditions, Christmas marks a time for gratitude, forgiveness, hope and generosity.

“Following the darkest day of the year, Christmas brings light. It is also a time that brings together friends and family – in homes aglow with warmth and cheer.

“Christmas is not only a time to spend with the people we care about, but to also think of those who are spending it alone. I urge everyone to take the time to reach out to those you may know who are spending the holidays by themselves or who find this a difficult time of year. We can all bring a touch of warmth, light and cheer to that person in our life who needs it most.

“For Christians, the Christmas story is a good reminder that hope and light can come to us no matter the circumstances, from the most humble of places.

“David and I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas filled with the company and memories of loved ones. May the season bring you hearty laughter with good company and, most of all, the hope and peace that Christmas brings.”


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