Alberta government advocating strongly to federal government for increase in number of immigrants it can accept each year

News Release

Increasing immigration a win for the economy

Alberta can continue its economic momentum through an increase in immigrants that will support local economies and help fill jobs in key areas.

Alberta’s government has been advocating strongly to the federal government for an increase in the number of immigrants it can accept each year. With Alberta’s economy growing and about 100,000 job vacancies to fill, the province needs more skilled workers.

Because of that advocacy, Alberta’s government has learned that the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) will be able to issue 9,750 nominations in 2023. It expects to receive 10,140 nominations in 2024 and 10,849 nominations in 2025, substantial increases from the 6,500 allowed in 2022.

“Alberta needs more immigrants. We need them to help grow our communities, address labour shortages in key sectors and help continue Alberta’s economic success. I have lobbied the federal government for many months to receive an increase in Alberta’s nomination numbers, and I am pleased to see that they have listened to my request.”Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Attracting immigrants to Alberta will be key to addressing labour shortages around the province. Newcomers bring new skills and talents that will help support key industries like health care, construction, technology, agriculture and tourism and hospitality, among others.

“Increasing the number of nomination certificates for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program is welcome news. Not only do newcomers bring new skills, ideas and vision to Alberta’s workforce, they also help us create jobs, diversify the economy and strengthen the workforce in all sectors of the economy.”Kaycee Madu, Minister of Skilled Trades and Professions

The AAIP includes Rural Renewal and Rural Entrepreneur Streams to help support local economies across the province. These streams help attract immigrants to rural Alberta where they will become strong community members and fill job vacancies outside urban areas. 

“The world has caught on to the Renewed Alberta Advantage and the opportunities for success that can only be found here. The Rural Renewal and Rural Entrepreneur Streams ensure that skilled newcomers are supported and can thrive and prosper outside of Alberta’s largest cities and fill available positions throughout our province.”Brian Jean, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Northern Development

The AAIP provides newcomers in all sectors and at all skill levels, including temporary foreign workers and international graduates and entrepreneurs, with a variety of pathways to gain permanent residence in Alberta.

“Newcomers bring valuable skills to Alberta and play a key role in growing our economy, so this is great news for Alberta, and yet another way our government is combatting skilled labour shortages. Advanced Education will continue to ensure our post-secondary education system is accessible and affordable so that everyone has the chance to gain the skills and knowledge they need to build successful careers and secure Alberta’s future.”Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education

Overall, Alberta’s increased ability to nominate new immigrants will continue the province’s economic momentum for years to come.

“This significant increase to the number of newcomers Alberta will be able to welcome through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program will be a meaningful positive to our economy and society. Immigration helps Alberta in so many ways, one of which is to help fill critical shortages in high-demand occupations. We’ve called for a major increase in accelerated economic immigration to meet these needs, and we applaud the provincial and federal governments for working together collaboratively to make this happen.”Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta

Quick facts

  • While Alberta added 120,000 jobs since the start of 2021, there are still about 74,140 job openings and a forecasted shortage of 33,100 workers by 2025 across many occupations, skill levels and sectors.
  • Since October 2020, Alberta has created numerous new pathways, program adjustments and established priority processing mechanisms to increase opportunities and attract skilled newcomers. These initiatives include:
    • Alberta Express Entry Stream – high demand skills with Alberta family connection
    • Religious Workers Eligibility
    • Rural Renewal Stream
    • Rural Entrepreneur Stream
    • Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine
    • Accelerated Tech Pathway
    • Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
    • Graduate Entrepreneur Stream 

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