Apply to join the City of Edmonton Youth Council today

Public Service Announcement

Apply to join the City of Edmonton Youth Council today

Applications for the City of Edmonton Youth Council (CEYC) are open until April 23. 

CEYC provides information, perspectives and advice to City Council about issues that involve or affect youth. Empowering youth to make a difference in their communities benefits everyone. That’s why the CEYC was created: to educate and empower youth to become involved in municipal governance and politics.

Joining CEYC is an exciting opportunity for youth aged 13-23 to use their lived experiences and unique perspectives to positively impact our city, as well as expand their network, grow skills and gain rewarding experience. Successful applicants will have diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences. They will be passionate about local government and eager to bring their voice and vision to the city.

To apply, submit an application by April 23, 2023 at edmonton.ca/Boards. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview. Appointments to CEYC will be made in the summer of 2023.


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