Changes to Alberta Advantage Immigration Program will make easier for in-demand workers, entrepreneurs to become permanent residents

News Release

Improving the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program

Changes to the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) will make it easier for in-demand workers and entrepreneurs to become permanent residents.

Alberta’s economy has momentum, and Alberta’s government is committed to further growth and diversification so the province remains the economic engine of Canada. In 2022, nearly 50,000 people from around the world chose Alberta as the place to invest, work and raise their families.

AAIP is an economic immigration program that enables Alberta to nominate qualified workers in in-demand sectors for permanent residency. By improving the program, Alberta will be more competitive in attracting skilled newcomers from across the world.

“Alberta is a land of opportunity. In our province, you can find the career you want, take home a strong and regular paycheque, and still spend time with family and friends. Not only do people around the world want to come here, we want them to come here to be a part of our communities and our prosperity, and help Alberta continue to grow and succeed.”Danielle Smith, Premier

Alberta’s government is making five improvements to the AAIP that will help both businesses and international skilled workers.

Changes to the Rural Entrepreneur and Rural Renewal streams will help Alberta’s rural communities remain vibrant and grow. A lowered investment threshold of $100,000 for the Rural Entrepreneur Stream will will open the door to additional qualified entrepreneurs who wish to establish or purchase an existing business in participating rural Alberta communities. Removing the requirement for a letter from a settlement agency under the Rural Renewal Stream will help rural communities attract, recruit and welcome newcomers based on local needs.

“Bringing more workers needed in the province will be key to continuing to grow Alberta’s economy and meeting our labour shortages. These changes to AAIP show our commitment to making Alberta one of the best places in the world to put down roots, contribute positively to your community and be prosperous.”Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Alberta has the best front-line health care workers in the world and the province will work to have the right supports in place to ensure Albertans get the care they need when and where they need it. A new, dedicated pathway to attract medical professionals to Alberta means that up to 30 per cent of Alberta’s Express Entry Stream allocation in 2023 will be reserved for health-care professionals with an Alberta job offer from a health-care sector employer and who meet the requirements to work in one of the eligible health occupations. 

Two more changes will see a new phone line that directly connects AAIP staff members with clients and collaboration with the federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot. Participating in this pilot will help refugees with the skills and qualifications needed in Canada to immigrate through existing economic programs.

“These policy changes are aimed squarely at filling needed skills gaps, boosting vibrancy in rural communities, and creating more economic opportunity for refugees. We applaud these moves to enhance economic immigration in a way that is responsive to specific provincial needs.”Adam Legge, president, Business Council of Alberta

“From HV Global Immigration, we would like to thank Minister Rajan Sawhney for listening and proactively implementing reasonable changes to the AAIP. Apart from the other improvements, change in minimum investment at AAIP’s Rural Entrepreneur Stream would definitely help new and prospective immigrants to qualify for this program. This change will generate more revenue and create jobs for Albertans. Last, but not least, the new information phone line is going to be a big relief. Thanks once again Minister Sawhney for your hard work and listening to our ideas and solutions.”Vivek Mahajan, co-founder & CEO, HV Global Immigration Ltd.

Quick facts

  • Alberta currently has about 100,000 job openings across the province.
  • Alberta is forecasting a cumulative job shortage of 33,100 workers by 2025 across several occupations, skill levels and sectors (source: Alberta’s Occupational Outlook, 2021-2030).
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada sets AAIP’s annual nomination limits.
    • Alberta recently received an increase in nominations:
      • 9,750 nominations in 2023
      • 10,140 nominations in 2024 (estimated)
      • 10,849 nominations in 2025 estimated)

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