Scheduled for deportation in 2022, former foreign worker’s permanent residency application finally approved

News Release


Edmonton – Evangeline Cayanan and her supporters are pleased to welcome the positive news from the IRCC regarding her permanent residency application in Canada. On April 6, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) notified Ms. Cayanan that her application for permanent residency status in Canada had been approved. Ms. Cayanan is extremely grateful for this decision, which will allow her and her daughter McKenna Rose to build a better life in Canada. Ms. Cayanan’s journey to permanent residency in Canada has been a long and difficult one, but her determination, perseverance and community support have finally paid off.

Evangeline was scheduled to be deported in July 2022. It was the hard work and unwavering support of her legal team, Nanda & Company, and her organization Migrante Alberta, that led the successful campaign and secured a one-year postponement of her deportation. “My lawyer Manraj Sidhu and his team worked tirelessly on my behalf to fight my case and prevent me from being unfairly forced out,” explained Evangeline gratefully. Her legal team immediately filed a humanitarian and compassionate application. That process took another eight months before receiving the positive news. Manraj Sidhu, Ms. Cayanan’s lawyer said “A lot of perseverance and patience on my client’s part” when asked about how they got to this point. He was also quick to point out that “the government processes are really slow and painful. The uncertainty is what makes them unbearable”“The good results offset all this” he added. Through their diligent efforts, her lawyer, and the community – a remarkable accomplishment that speaks volumes about the expertise and dedication as well as a groundswell of public pressure and community support, Ms. Cayanan was able to overcome the challenges and achieve her dream of making Canada her permanent home.

“I would also like to thank MP RandyBoissonnaultfor taking on the case as well as MP BlakeDesjarlaisfor raising our issue at the House of Commons,” said Ms. Cayanan. “My issue is not unique. There are many more like myself in the same situation. While I truly appreciate the good news about the application, I hope the government will also look into the rest of five hundred thousand undocumented migrants”. Ms. Cayanan added.

Ms. Cayanan’s cause is a testament to the power of collective action in promoting justice and fairness. She committed to continue to advocate for fairness and for those who are fighting similar battles against unfair deportation policies. “My organization Migrante Alberta encourages everyone to stand in solidarity with people like me and fight for a fairer, more compassionate immigration system and to fight the system that put us in this kind of situation,” said Ms. Cayanan. The success of Evangeline’s case is a clear indication that with the right legal representation and strong support from the community, individuals can overcome even the most daunting immigration challenges. The success of Evangeline’s case is not only a remarkable accomplishment but also an inspiring story that teaches us to fight for justice and never give up hope.


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