City of Edmonton’s pothole repair service in motion

News Release

City’s pothole repair is in motion

Dedicated City of Edmonton crews complete pothole and asphalt repairs year-round, but spring is when the work really begins. The City’s pothole repair service is in motion.

“Our pothole crews repair roadways to ensure residents and visitors of Edmonton can drive safely throughout the city,” said Caitlin Zerebeski, Director of Infrastructure Maintenance. “Let us know where you see potholes by reporting them through 311 or at edmonton.ca/potholes, so crews can address them quickly. This year, from January 1 to April 4, crews have filled 29,884 potholes.”

We inspect all 311 notifications to ensure they are repaired in priority order; and the teams use a proactive approach when doing the repairs, to try and repair the areas before they become problematic. These areas are based on severity, location and traffic volumes.

Potholes are inspected and prioritized based on safety. These factors include:
Road type and traffic volume: Potholes are typically given higher priority on major arterial or collector roads where traffic volume and speed limits are higher.
Size and severity of the pothole: Larger, deeper potholes, for example, would be given higher priority, as opposed to a smaller, shallow pothole.
Location in the roadway: Potholes that are in the wheel path, for example, are given higher priority as drivers cannot avoid them.

The time to respond and repair potholes are often based on location:
High priority locations: Inspected within 24 hours and repaired within two days*
Lower priority locations: Inspected within five days and repaired within a month*
Alleys: Inspected within two weeks and repaired within a year*

*These are targeted timelines, which can significantly change depending on factors such as location, weather conditions, resource limitations and other road work priorities.

The City encourages road users to slow down when passing crews and give them space to work safely.

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