City Council of Edmonton finalizes 2023 property taxes

News Release

City Council finalizes 2023 property taxes

Edmonton City Council has confirmed the 4.96 per cent property tax increase for 2023 after approving the spring adjustments to the City’s operating budget. We are focused on investing these tax dollars to build a great city with the parks, roads, trails, bridges and transit that Edmontonians use every day.

The budget updates maintain the tax increase that was approved by City Council in December 2022, with some adjustments to accommodate assessment growth and lower than expected provincial grants in lieu of taxes.

“The City is committed to finding a balance between keeping property taxes manageable and delivering the services that Edmontonians rely on,” said Stacey Padbury, Deputy City Manager, Financial and Corporate Services. “This budget adjustment keeps the budget on track while ensuring Edmontonians receive value for their tax dollars.”

The spring supplemental operating budget adjustment is the last step in finalizing the annual tax increase. The City will bring forward a bylaw in late April to set the tax rates based on the tax increase approved today. Tax notices will be mailed to all property owners on May 23. Property taxes are due on June 30.

The 4.96 per cent tax increase will affect property owners differently, depending on how their property’s assessed value compares to the market. The average Edmonton household will pay approximately $725 in municipal taxes in 2023 for every $100,000 of assessed home value, an increase of $34 from 2022.

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