Alberta NDP launch campaign to build better future

News Release


CALGARY – Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley launched her party’s campaign to build a better future for Albertans.

Standing with her slate of Calgary candidates and surrounded by local supporters, Notley committed to focusing on Albertans’ priorities by protecting health care and education, while creating jobs and making life more affordable.

“After four very hard years, dealing with a health care crisis, an affordability crisis, and a UCP government constantly in crisis, this campaign is about hope, stability, common sense, and trusted leadership. I will work every day to protect your health care, your education, your job, and your future,” said Notley.

“Danielle Smith will tell you what she thinks you want to hear, then go ahead and do whatever she wants — privatize your health care, gamble with your pension and pander to extremists. It’s time for a better government — one focused on what matters to Albertans.”

Smith questions whether a regular checkup to the doctor should be covered, and called for a return to a “payment relationship” between Albertans and their doctor. She also released a paper through the University of Calgary in which she argues that “once people get used to the concept of paying out of pocket for more things themselves then we can change the conversation on health care.”

Smith has indicated she wants to pull Albertans’ savings out of the Canada Pension Plan, but won’t release all the information until after the election.

Smith was recently photographed with convoy leaders awaiting trial for criminal charges related to their behaviour in the Ottawa blockade, and she was also caught on video telling extremist Artur Pawlowski she would intervene to try and block criminal charges for his involvement in the Coutts blockade.

The Alberta NDP’s campaign launch comes as the party shows significant momentum with 55,000 sign locations across the province on the first day.

Notley also told the crowd she is regularly speaking to Albertans who previously voted conservative, but feel that Danielle Smith doesn’t reflect their values, and they will be voting for the Alberta NDP for the first time in their life.

“Let’s create good-paying jobs and a bright economic future. Let’s deliver better education, better healthcare, and more jobs in a more affordable Alberta. Let’s stand together and build a better future,” concluded Notley.



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