Families in Red Deer that need a doctor will get a doctor

News Release


RED DEER – Today, Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley outlined her plan to ensure every family in Red Deer can get a family doctor through the NDP’s Family Health Teams plan.

“Right now in Red Deer, you can’t get a family doctor if you need one,” said Notley. “Red Deer is growing, but access to health care is shrinking – and Danielle Smith doesn’t have a plan to fix it. Our plan for Family Medical Teams means that everyone who needs a doctor in Red Deer, will get one. Under an Alberta NDP government, if you need a doctor, you will get a doctor.”

While the population of Red Deer continues to grow, the Find a Doctor website shows there are currently no family doctors accepting new patients. The Red Deer Hospital is overcapacity with patients lining the loading bays and being airlifted out of the city, in some instances, for health care.

Under an Alberta NDP government, Family Health Teams will ensure every Albertan has access to a family doctor and a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners, mental health therapists, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, and other allied health professionals.

Maureen McCall, a family doctor in Red Deer, said doctors and health care staff in Red Deer are stretched to the limit.

“We can only give so much when we have so little to work with,” McCall said. “The NDP’s plan for Family Medical Teams is good for families and good for doctors and health care workers.

“It will keep families healthier and relieve the pressure on the Red Deer Hospital so you can get health care right here in Red Deer as soon as you need it.”

The Alberta NDP will bring transformational changes to public healthcare across the province, including supporting flexible hours for family doctors and health professionals that include evenings and weekends. Flexible hours are better for working families and parents who struggle with taking time off work to accommodate appointments.

“We look forward to sharing more about our healthcare recruitment and retention strategy in the coming days,” said Notley. “The Alberta NDP is committed to delivering better healthcare for all Albertans.”



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