Alberta NDP candidates announce plan to protect pensions, improve homecare, restore drug benefits; UCP candidate for Calgary-Klein Jeremy Nixon releases statement about NDP’s fear-mongering to seniors on pensions, seniors care

Media Statement

Nixon statement on NDP fear-mongering to seniors

(May 8, 2023) — Today, UCP candidate for Calgary-Klein Jeremy Nixon released the following statement about the NDP’s fear-mongering to seniors on pensions and seniors care:

“Today, the NDP continued to fear-monger to seniors about losing their pension – a tired tactic rooted in lies and misinformation. The UCP has been clear that no pension changes will ever occur, unless Albertans choose to make changes through a public referendum. The NDP’s insistence on saying otherwise is not only disturbing, but flat-out false.

“The NDP also shared some re-announced policy ideas for seniors, but the UCP is already investing to ensure Alberta seniors have a tremendous quality of life. Among other things, we increased the benefit rate for the Alberta Seniors Benefit from $286 to $303, maintained seniors’ benefits for over 177,000 low-income seniors, and provided over $2 billion in funding to support drug and health benefits, mainly for seniors – a $110 million, or 5.7 per cent increase, over last year.

“The UCP is also providing $600 in affordability payments for eligible seniors who are struggling to cope with costs related to the Trudeau-NDP inflation crisis, and we are investing $1 billion over three years to help the public, non-profit, and private sectors work together to build and deliver affordable housing for seniors, so that they can age comfortably in their communities. We will also have some exciting, new announcements for Alberta seniors very soon.

“The NDP will make everyone’s life harder, particularly seniors on fixed incomes, with higher taxes and fees, and a 40 per cent increase to power bills. The UCP, on the other hand, will continue to keep taxes low, grow and diversify the economy, and use Alberta’s prosperity to make life better for all Albertans, including seniors.

“Ultimately, we can provide seniors with some of the best care in the world because we cleaned up the NDP’s mess and restored the economy. Let’s keep moving forward.”


News Release


ST ALBERT – Alberta NDP candidates announced their plan to protect pensions, improve homecare, and restore drug benefits along with other measures to help seniors live independently at home.

“Seniors in St. Albert have questions about Danielle Smith’s plan to gamble away their pensions,” said Alberta NDP St. Albert candidate Marie Renauld. “My message to every single one of them is this –  not only will we protect your pension, we will give you the support you need to stay healthy at home.”

The Alberta NDP government will increase homecare clients by 20,000 over the next four years, giving seniors more help at home with things like snow shoveling, yard care, transportation and meal preparation. The NDP also committed to build more seniors housing in both independent and communal settings to give seniors more choice as they age.

As well, an Alberta NDP Government will expand the Seniors Home and Adaptation Repair Program so seniors can make the renovations they need to stay comfortable in their homes.

“Albertans deserve to spend their retirement years at home enjoying the things they love, not worrying if they can afford the care they need,” said Karen Shaw, Alberta NDP Candidate for Morinville-St. Albert. “An Alberta NDP government will invest in better care at home for seniors so every family can look forward to a better future.”

The Alberta NDP will also make life more affordable for seniors by reversing the UCP’s fee for drivers medical exams and reversing the UCP cut to rental assistance for low-income seniors.

As well, the shingles vaccine will be made free to eligible seniors and essential medicines will be made more affordable by adding spouses and dependents back on the Seniors Drug Benefit.



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