Danielle Smith tries to claim healthcare crisis over as wait times at Calgary Hospital climb past 15 hours — NDP

News Release


CALGARY – While Danielle Smith tries to claim the healthcare crisis is over, Calgarians are waiting up to 15 hours in emergency rooms for care.

According to Alberta Health Services data posted online Friday night, the wait time for the South Health Campus was 15 hours and 20 minutes, and the wait time for the Peter Lougheed Hospital reached nearly 14 hours.

“This is emblematic of the entire UCP approach to healthcare, bragging and boasting while Alberta families wait hours for care,” said Diana Batten, registered nurse and Alberta NDP candidate for Calgary-Acadia.

“Danielle Smith is claiming mission accomplished, but the reality of what Albertans are experiencing is long wait times and less access to a family doctor.

“Albertans deserve better than sitting in a waiting room for fifteen hours while the UCP leader celebrates.

These latest numbers follow a trend in recent days that included 12-hour wait times at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and South Health Campus. On May 12, Danielle Smith said in a statement: “As I’ve said before, our UCP plan to fix Alberta’s health care system is working, and I am confident we will continue to see improvement in all areas of our Health Care Action Plan.”

“Spending fifteen hours in a waiting room is not an improvement,” said Lizette Tejada, Alberta NDP candidate for Calgary-Klein.

“Calgary-Klein includes the Peter Lougheed Hospital. These wait times are unacceptable. While the UCP ignores reality, Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP have a plan to reduce pressure on hospitals by connecting more than a million Albertans to family health teams and ending the UCP chaos in the healthcare system.”

Rachel Notley is due to unveil a major part of her plan to deliver better healthcare at a news conference later this morning.

Earlier this week, a 2021 video surfaced of Smith openly discussing selling off both the South Health Campus and the Peter Lougheed as well as Rockyview View hospital. Several other videos have also surfaced of Smith openly discussing forcing Albertans to pay to see a family doctor.



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