‘NDP No Friend to Chinatown’ — Calgary-Foothills UCP Candidate Jason Luan

NDP No Friend to Chinatown

(May 13, 2023) — Today, Calgary-Foothills UCP Candidate Jason Luan released the following statement on how the NDP neglected and ignored Chinatown:

“From 2015 to 2019, the NDP was no friend to Chinatown.

“They hurt Chinatown with policies that raised taxes, killed jobs, and hollowed-out our inner cities. They also imposed a disproportionate number of drug consumption sites around Edmonton’s Chinatown, with little-to-no consultation with the community. The NDP ignored repeated cries for help from the Chinese community. This extreme density of drug consumption sites has led to Chinese businesses and families having to deal with an unreasonable amount of crime and social disorder.

“If the NDP ever got back into government, they would surely revert to neglecting and ignoring the wants and needs of Chinatown. They would also pursue policies that would cut funding for the police and flood our streets with taxpayer-funded drugs.

“The UCP is working with Chinese communities in Alberta to help make Chinatowns safe and enjoyable again. We are investing to fight back against crime and disorder, and we are providing grant funding to help Chinese business owners clean up their businesses and storefronts. We are also keeping taxes low, creating jobs, and attracting new investment, which is helping to rejuvenate our inner cities.

“The UCP has visited Chinatown to consult directly with the community about what they want and need. We look forward to continuing to deliver for Chinese families and businesses.”



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