News Release


EDMONTON – Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says her party’s capital plan for Edmonton will build affordable housing, desperately needed schools and major infrastructure projects. 
In a rally speech delivered to supporters on Friday morning, Notley says the Alberta NDP will invest $1.87 billion into Edmonton projects — including building the South Edmonton Hospital, planning and designing for the stand-alone Stollery Children’s Hospital, an Advanced Skills Centre for NAIT, building more affordable housing, and building and modernizing 40 schools across the city. These projects will create over 7,800 jobs over the next three years. 
“Edmonton is full of thriving businesses, exciting restaurants, world-class entertainment, and home to Canada’s most beautiful river valley,” said Rachel Notley, Leader of the Alberta NDP. 
“Edmontonians are ambitious, pragmatic, hardworking and determined in everything we do. 
“We don’t stake our future on anyone else; we make it happen ourselves. 
“The people of this city and Albertans all across the province are tired of the infighting, the delays, and the chaos that is Danielle Smith and the UCP. They want better healthcare, and public education, and to feel heard, valued, and cared for. They certainly deserve better leadership than a Premier who broke the law even when she knew better. 
“An Alberta NDP government will change that. We will build a better future for Edmonton and for all Albertans.” 
The plan — Building a Better Future for Edmonton — includes building the following projects:
Affordable housing: supporting the City of Edmonton’s Affordable Housing Investment Plan.40 New Schools & Modernizations: desperately needed public, Catholic, and Francophone schools to meet the needs of growing Edmonton communities.The South Edmonton Hospital: proceeding with construction and exploring opportunities to accelerate the completion timeline.The Stollery Children’s Hospital: funding the planning and design to build a new, stand-alone facility, expanding specialized services to over 300,000 patients every year.The NAIT Advanced Skills Centre: funding planning and site preparation for the construction of a highly specialized skills centre on NAIT’s main and Spruce Grove campuses. Edmonton’s Downtown Revitalization: targeted capital to support small businesses, storefront improvements, public spaces, festivals, and to support the revitalization of Chinatown. 
The UCP has spent four years attacking public servants and underfunding public services, like health care and education, downloaded costs onto municipalities, and delayed essential projects like the South Edmonton Hospital. 
“Every day, more and more people realize they cannot trust Danielle Smith and the UCP. Her extreme ideas and extreme candidates do not represent today’s Albertans,” said Notley. “Edmontonians are tired of waiting in emergency rooms and for schools to be built in their communities. Enough is enough.” 
“Today’s Alberta is full of hard-working, compassionate, and honest people who are committed to building a better future and come Election Day, the Alberta NDP will be ready to deliver.”



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