Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy Earns National Award for Innovation and Leadership

News Release

Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy Earns National Award for Innovation and Leadership

Simon O'Byrne, VP of Planning at Stantec and Councillor Ben Henderson


The City of Edmonton has won an award for its leadership in planning excellence, innovation, and implementation potential. The award, presented by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), honours Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy in the category of City and Regional Planning.

“It is an honour for the City of Edmonton to be recognized for its leadership and for thinking differently,” said Councillor Ben Henderson. “The WinterCity Strategy is about working together as a community to embrace winter, to take advantage of the assets of the season that make us special as a city, and to take our place as a world-leading city.”

The CIP works on behalf of 7,500 planning professionals nationwide. The award was presented at the 2014 annual conference of the CIP and the Atlantic Planners Institute (API) in Fredericton.

In 2011, the City of Edmonton began developing the WinterCity Strategy, a unique concept that sets out to transform Edmonton into a great winter city. This initiative embraces winter as part of our northern identity and supports innovative urban design to address the opportunities that all four seasons provide. Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy is a community-led project that is co-chaired by Councillor Ben Henderson and Simon O’Byrne, Vice-President of Planning at Stantec.

This award helps build momentum for the 2015 Winter Cities Shake-up Conference, being held in Edmonton in January 2015. Urban planners and designers, municipal leaders, community organizers and entrepreneurs from around the world will be gathering in Edmonton to share best practices and brainstorm new approaches to help winter cities be more livable, attractive and exciting.


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