Friends of Medicare: Prentice’s cuts for low-income diabetics must be reversed


News Release
Prentice’s cuts for low-income diabetics must be reversed

As the PC government makes announcements to Albertans about the great things they will do, they have quietly targeted 16,000 low-income diabetic Albertans, who as of June 30th will be left without coverage for medical supplies. Under the Alberta Monitoring for Health Program, the government provided close to $4.5 million each year to help low-income diabetics buy supplies such as test strips to test their blood sugar.

“Once again the government is making short-sighted cuts to save money in the budget at the expense of long-term health prevention and planning,” indicates Sandra Azocar, Executive Director Friends of Medicare.

For those among the 4,000 Albertans who use insulin and are currently receiving support, support may be available from other programs. However, those who are part of the 12,000 Albertans who are trying to manage their diabetes and are on a fixed income, the reality may be very different.

“The government must reverse these cuts to ensure all Albertans have access to the resources they need to stay healthy,” says Azocar.


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