Rachel Notley thanks Albertans for electing her Premier; Election Night Message from Jim Prentice


News Release

Rachel Notley thanks Albertans for electing her Premier

Well, I think we made a little history tonight!

Friends, change has finally come to Alberta: new people, new ideas, and a fresh start for our great province.

I have just spoken to Premier Jim Prentice.

Jim Prentice has served our province in many roles for many years, at the provincial and federal level, in government and in business.

I want to thank the Premier for the enormous contribution he has made to our province.

Whatever he will do in the next step in his journey, I know he will be thinking about how to build Alberta.

I have also just spoken to Brian Jean, leader of the Wildrose Party.

Mr. Jean stepped into his job as leader only a few weeks ago.

And he now takes up his role as leader of the official opposition.

Brian, through your courage in the face of family tragedy, you have earned the respect of every Albertan. I’m looking forward to working with you.

I also spoke to Dr. David Swann.

David I thank you for your contribution, and for your commitment to your party and our province.

To everyone who ran as a candidate for every party in this election – and the thousands of volunteers who supported them – thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.

To my amazing campaign team, our candidates and our volunteers all across this province, thank you for your extraordinary efforts.

We did make a little history together tonight, didn’t we?

But most of all, to the people of Alberta thank you for putting your trust in our party.

I am deeply humbled.

I pledge to you that we will work every day to earn that trust.

You know it’s been said, you can’t go wrong if you stay in touch with the values and common sense of Albertans.

In this province, we’re optimistic, forward-looking, entrepreneurial, community–minded and careful with the family budget.

That’s the kind of government we’ll try to be.

To Alberta’s job creators, great and small – in the energy sector and in every sector – our government will be a good partner with you to grow our economy and to secure a more prosperous future for every Albertan in every community.

Together, we need to start down the road to a diversified and resilient economy, to end the boom and bust roller coaster ride we’ve been on for far too long.

It won’t happen overnight. But we must start, and we will.

To our province’s skilled and professional public servants; the teachers who inspire our children; the nurses and health care professionals who care for the sick; To everyone who gets up every day and contributes to a better province: we’re looking forward to working with you!

To Alberta’s Indigenous peoples: the trust we have been given tonight is a call to be better neighbours and partners.

I’m looking forward to consulting with you and learning from you.

Albertans have voted for change. One of the changes they voted for is a new kind of respect and a new relationship with their government.

Albertans across this province have told me they are tired of old, entitled approaches that leave them out of conversations about their livelihoods, about their services, about their families.

Whether you are a business leader, a union leader, a municipal leader, someone who leads in civil society, or a just plain Albertan – the Legislature belongs to you; the government belongs to you, and you will be treated with respect.

I’m looking forward to working with Prime Minister Harper on the many issues and projects that engage our province with the federal government.

And I’m also looking forward to partnering with all of Canada’s premiers, on many issues.

Including the need for a national approach to the environment, and to Canada’s energy sector, that builds bridges and opens markets – instead of giving us a black eye.

To every Albertan: Spring has arrived.

A new day has begun.

You have voted for change – for better public health care, for better schools and for good family-supporting jobs.

We will answer your call.

The challenges are great – and there will be bumps along the way. But I pledge to you that I will always work to keep your trust. The values that built this great province – hard work, grit, and faith in a better tomorrow – will endure in your new government.

Let me conclude by thanking my family for the love and patience and support you have always given me.

Tonight, I am also thinking of my father.

I’m sorry he couldn’t see this.

How proud he would be. How proud he would be of the province we all love.

My name is Rachel Notley. Thank you for electing me as your Premier.


Election Night Message from Jim Prentice

Statement from Jim Prentice
May 05 @ 10:27 PM

Source: https://www.pcalberta.org/CMSArticle?name=ENight
When this election was called, I felt that it was needed to provide Alberta’s government with the clear authority to respond to the challenging circumstances that we faced as a result of the collapse of oil prices.

I felt strongly then, and I feel strongly today, that those decisions properly belonged to Albertans and not to me as the Premier.

Neither I, nor the Government I led, were elected to make the tough decisions that are required by our current economic conditions.

Albertans needed to make those decisions and they have now done so and chosen our collective future.

While I am personally saddened by that decision, the voters are always right in our democracy.

I congratulate Rachel Notley and the NDP Party on their success this evening. Rachel obviously ran an excellent campaign and clearly has the confidence of Albertans.

I would also like to congratulate Brian Jean and the Wildrose on their success this evening.

I would however like to speak to the members of my own party. I have been a member of this party since I was a young man and I share your disappointment.

I want to thank everyone in the Progressive Conservative Party for their confidence and trust over the past eight months.

It has been a trying time for all of us. I thank all of our candidates and the thousands of volunteers who have worked so hard for our Party.

I have never seen a team of men and women work as hard. My heart goes out to everyone who worked so hard and were unsuccessful.

Karen and I also thank everyone in our Party for your unfailing kindness to us during the past 28 days and 10,000 kilometers.

As the Leader of the Party, I accept responsibility for tonight’s outcome. I also accept responsibility for the decisions that led up to this evening.

Karen reminded me this morning that a year ago, when I made the decision to return to public life, the outcome was anything but certain

She reminded me that I said then that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t return to provincial politics and do what I could to try to set things right in Alberta. I told her that I didn’t intend to live the rest of my life with the regret that I didn’t make the attempt.

So I ran.

Clearly, however, my contribution to public life is now at an end. It is time for me to dedicate my time to my other responsibilities as a husband, father and grandfather.

Accordingly, I have resigned as the Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta effective immediately. Furthermore, I will step aside as the elected Member of the Legislative Assembly for Calgary Foothills.

There is no greater fortune in life than to be a Canadian and an Albertan.

We are all so very lucky.

It has been a great privilege to serve our province in elected office.

I leave with the confidence that the determination and resilience of Albertans will overcome whatever challenges we face.

I wish all of you the very best.

Thank you and God Bless.

Jim Prentice


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