Big ticket event hands out over 2,800 violations; June 2015 Operation 24 Hours results

News Release

Big ticket event hands out over 2,800 violations

June 2015 Operation 24 Hours results

More than 2,800 traffic tickets were issued last week by Edmonton Police Service officers and City of Edmonton automated enforcement during the June 2015 Operation 24 Hours.

In the 24-hour period of the enforcement campaign, which took place on June 30, 2015, 2,527 speeding violations were issued. There were also 281 additional violations, including seatbelt infractions, impaired driving, distracted driving, traffic safety violations and Criminal Code violations.

“Public safety is our number one priority,” said Staff Sergeant Randy Loxterkamp with the Specialized Traffic Operation Section. “The overall focus of this campaign is to reduce collisions and keep the Edmonton roadways as safe as possible.”

There were a total of 2,808 tickets issued for the June 2015 Operation 24 Hours, which is an increase from the 2,259 tickets issued during the April 2015 enforcement initiative.

The Edmonton Police Service and the City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety coordinate many educational and enforcement initiatives such asOperation 24 Hours throughout the year to improve traffic safety on the city’s street.


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