Buzz’tin myths about bees!

News Release

Buzz’tin myths about bees!


The City of Edmonton is giving wings to a campaign to bust some common myths about bees now that beekeeping is allowed within city limits. The main feature of the campaign is a bee-themed animated video series, which will run throughout the summer.

“Urban beekeeping is a key part of our food system and can help with pollination that improves the overall biodiversity and resilience of our city,” says Hani Quan, acting senior planner with CITYlab. “With this campaign, we are trying to address some of the common myths that we’ve heard from Edmontonians, while having some fun with videos that are accessible to all ages.”

The City approved urban beekeeping in April 2015, following a successful pilot.

The campaign is designed to help Edmontonians learn more about urban beekeeping and to clear up common misconceptions about bees. The myth-buzzting videos will be released every second Thursdaybeginning today. The first video will tackle the myths of bee aggression and bee stings. Check the City’sYoutube page, Facebook and Twitter feeds to enjoy the entertaining videos.


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