Rid pesky weeds from Kennedale Ravine

News Release

Rid pesky weeds from Kennedale Ravine

Himalayan Balsam

Help Edmonton stay beautiful! Residents are invited to participate in the Himalayan Balsam weed pulls at Kennedale Ravine starting this Saturday. The weed, although pretty, is noxious and endangers the City’s own natural beauty and biodiversity. The Root for Trees team will also be on site to plant native trees and shrubs.

Dates:  Saturday, July 11 and Saturday, July 25*
Time:  9 a.m. – noon
Location:  Meet at 2115 Hermitage Road,
at the north parking lot near the dog park

Everyone is welcome to participate. Enjoy a free barbecue after each pull and plant.

Noxious weeds are regulated by the Alberta Weed Control Act. With your help, the City’s green spaces can continue to flourish. Don’t forget to wear long pants and sturdy shoes, and bring sunblock and bug spray.

*All pull and plant dates are weather dependent. Please call 311 for event updates.

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