EPS lays $3 million in commercial vehicle fines

News Release

EPS lays $3 million in commercial vehicle fines

The Edmonton Police Service has charged an Edmonton-based trucking company with over $3 million in commercial vehicle related fines this month.

The EPS Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail received information about a local trucking company that was allegedly carrying loads over the allowed weight limits. The investigation began on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Many of the company’s trucks were being used to transport soil to a waste management facility on Yellowhead Trail and 170 Street.

From Saturday, Aug. 15 to Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015, the trucking company made 1907 trips to the waste management facility. Trucks operated by the same company were reported to be overweight by at least one ton on each visit. One truck was recorded as 17.9 tons overweight.

Calculations based on the weight overages equate to 7,422 tons of soil moved illegally.

“While this is a substantial file, public safety and road safety is our primary concern,” says Const. Dave Beattie with Commercial Vehicle Inspection Detail. “Our roadways can be destroyed with these overweight vehicles. It also takes longer to stop or apply the brakes with a heavy load, which could lead to a serious collision.”

The stress on the roadways from overweight vehicles can cause cracks and potholes.

The Edmonton-based trucking company faces over 1900 charges under the Traffic Safety Act for operating overweight vehicle and the total fine amounts to $3,042,719.

The company is due in court on Dec. 3, 2015.

Quick Facts: 

  • 17.9 tons = 17,900 kg
  • An average truck in this scenario is allowed to carry 55,300 kg.
  • An average car (Toyota Camry) weighs 1.6 tons (1,600 kg).

The following chart shows the top 10 heaviest loads recorded for a truck allowed to carry 55,300 kg (55.3 tons) associated to this file:

Weight of Truck Weight Over Fine
68,360 kg 13,060 kg $7,026
68,500 kg 13,200 kg $7,134
68,740 kg 13,440 kg $7,242
69,530 kg 14,230 kg $7,675
69,680 kg 14,380 kg $7,729
69,800 kg 14,500 kg $7,837
70,030 kg 14,730 kg $7,945
70,120 kg 14,820 kg $7,999
70,320 kg 15,020 kg $8,107
70,400 kg 15,100 kg $8,161
73,280 kg 17,980 kg $9,674



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