Government meets commitment to support student jobs

News Release

Government meets commitment to support student jobs


The Alberta government is meeting its commitment to support approximately 3,000 student jobs under The Alberta Jobs Plan through the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP), which begins this month.

Since the program launched in January, more than 2,600 applications have been received from employers across Alberta. More than 1,100 employer applications were approved, funding just over 3,000 summer positions.

“STEP is a popular program that has been extremely well-received by employers across the province. It’s not surprising the program received a large number of applications. I am pleased that this program is connecting students with job opportunities and supporting them in their pursuit of a rewarding career.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour

“As a small business within the mineral exploration industry, we have been particularly affected by lower commodity prices. STEP not only supports us in providing work experience to young students, but it also supports our business to grow and expand in new directions. Our students will be learning about various geological and geophysical methods used in the field.”

Jody Dahrouge, President of Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd.

There is $10 million budgeted for STEP each year, starting in 2016-17. The program encourages employers to hire students for summer employment by providing a $7-per-hour wage subsidy.

Funding was allocated by employer type and location to ensure a fair distribution of the limited number of grants across Alberta, allowing a broad range of organizations to benefit. All applications submitted before the February 29 deadline were considered.

Quick facts

Employer Type $10 million – Funding Targets
1. Non-profit organizations 40% ($4 million)
2. Small businesses 20% ($2 million)
3. Municipalities, First Nations, Métis Settlements 20% ($2 million)
4. Publicly funded post-secondary institutions and school boards 20% ($2 million)

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