Reception centre maintains services to evacuees

News Release

Reception centre maintains services to evacuees


The City of Edmonton’s Reception Centre for evacuees from the Fort McMurray region continues its service 17 days into the emergency situation.

Services provided at the centre include:

  • Clothing, toiletries, food and lodging
  • A “Personal Services” desk to go ask questions
  • Limited medical and mental health support services
  • Spiritual and cultural support – e.g. prayer rooms
  • Large screen TV with news and updates
  • Entertainment and activities for children
  • Counselling services
  • An Internet Cafe for evacuees staying at the centre overnight
  • Red Cross is also on site to provide other kinds of assistance people may need

Please note that the following are not available at the centre:

  • Insurance support. Evacuees are asked to contact their insurance company directly.
  • Government of Canada services, including EI. Please contact Service Canada.
  • Government ID. Evacuees are asked to visit a Registry Office to obtain a change of address or replacement driver’s licence.

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