EnerGuide helps homeowners increase energy-efficiency

News Release

EnerGuide helps homeowners increase energy-efficiency

A contest recently held by the City of Edmonton is helping homeowners make good investments when renovating their homes.

Twenty four homeowners were chosen to get an EnerGuide home evaluation and label. The evaluation provides expert advice on how to improve their home’s energy efficiency. The homeowners will also receive a label with their current EnerGuide rating that provides a snapshot of their home’s energy performance. The results of these 24 evaluations will inform a made in Edmonton home energy labeling program being developed in 2017.

“The popularity of the Green Home Energy Toolkit available at the Edmonton Public Library shows that Edmontonians want to understand home energy use,” says Councillor Michael Walters. “The EnerGuide labeling program helps homeowners take the next step and make informed decisions about their home by providing them with valuable advice and information.”

“We see real benefit in this program,” says homeowner and program participant Meaghen Allen. “We have put a lot of work into making our home more efficient and now not only is our home more efficient, the label gives us a way of saying that it actually is. This benefits us as homeowners but it’s also good for our community.”

“EnerGuide for homes was developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRcan) and is available across the country,” says Mike Mellross, Program Manager at the City of Edmonton. “For people interested in getting their home evaluated, a certified service organization that operates in the local area can be found on the NRcan website.  Stay tuned for the roll out of the City’s full program in 2017.”

This program supports Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy which is designed to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city. It also encourages Edmontonians to take an active role in supporting the City’s goal of reducing greenhouse gases.


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