National Housing Day recognizes efforts around affordable housing

News Release

National Housing Day recognizes efforts around affordable housing

More than 250 community, government, housing provider and social service industry members gathered this afternoon at the National Housing Day luncheon to bring awareness to the work surrounding affordable housing in the Edmonton area.

“Home is essential. It is so much more than a roof over one’s head,” says Jay Freeman, Executive Director for Housing and Homelessness at the City of Edmonton. “A sufficient supply of safe, adequate and affordable housing is fundamental to the physical, economic and social well-being of individuals, families and communities. It helps to support a healthy labour market, is crucial to enabling long-term financial stability of low-income households, and has been a identified as a key pathway out of poverty.”

National Housing Day began as a response to address the housing and homelessness crisis across Canada.

“Since that declaration nearly 20 years ago, the current ‘Big City Mayors’ of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities have recommitted to the cause with clear recommendations for renewed investment,” says Susan McGee, Chief Executive Officer of Homeward Trust Edmonton. “It is great to get our community, sector, funders, and government together to recognize our progress while understanding the work that lies ahead. Together we will continue to create more affordable housing; we will continue to house and support the most vulnerable in our city.”

The National Housing Day luncheon was presented by Homeward Trust Edmonton with sponsorship from the City of Edmonton. The luncheon is just one of a number activities taking place over the course November to help promote Housing Month.

Visit housingmonth.ca for a list of other events happening throughout the city. The site also features a link to the four-part Transforming Edmonton blog series on the importance of developing affordable housing in our city.


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