Panciteria de Manila hosts Senator Enverga’s meeting with Pinoy businessmen in Edmonton

Panciteria de Manila will host Senator Tobias Enverga on Saturday afternoon’s meeting (October 21) with the Filipino business community in Edmonton.

Panciteria’s Bayani Alcantara said around 50 entrepreneurs are attending the gathering that will discuss the tax changes by the Trudeau government.

“We are inviting all business owners and associates to join the meeting that will discuss the tax proposal of the current government which will greatly affect local businesses,” Alcantara said.

The meeting starts at exactly 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at Panciteria located at 15326 Stony Plain Road.

Alcantara is requesting business community members to call 780-935-4376, 780-425-5757 to confirm their attendance.(pinoy edmonton news)


Senator Enverga at the Agincourt Senior Service Centre, August 22, 2014

Senator Enverga is the first Filipino-Canadian to serve in the Senate of Canada.(http://senatorenverga.sencanada.ca/)

Bayani Alcantara

Bayani Alcantara (third from left) of Panciteria de Manila is shown in this file photo during the Duterte Volunteers Alberta Canada event.(Photo by Mo Billacura/p.e.n.)



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