Online commercial permits save time, money

Come to Panciteria de Manila on August 28, Wednesday, 6 p.m. for a discussion with Realtor Loida Lumanlan on Home Buying with Atty.Katrina P. Angeles and mortgage specialist Margaret Amangyen. (Photo courtesy of L.Lumanlan)

News Release
Online commercial permits save time, money

Permits to complete a range of commercial projects are now online at edmonton.ca/permits. These online services include development and building permits for new buildings, additions, alterations, tenant improvements, change of use, demolitions, as well as hoarding and cranes.

“Customers told us they wanted an easier and more convenient way to get permits and information needed to complete their projects,” said Jason Doerksen, Customer Experience Manager. “They can now access information about application requirements on our website and manage permit applications on the self-serve dashboard from their job site or office. Not having to drive downtown, pay for parking and wait in line, saves customers time and money and contributes to their success.”

Moving permit and inspection services online reduces paperwork and increases the efficiency of review processes. Most types of permits are available online, including housing and home improvement permits. Today, 90 per cent of house permits are applied for online.

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