Forests planted by Edmontonians for Edmontonians 

Public Service Announcement

Forests planted by Edmontonians for Edmontonians 

Root for Trees is safely returning in 2021, inviting volunteers of all ages to take part in expanding the beauty of Edmonton’s urban forest by planting 45,000 trees and shrubs each year.

“The City of Edmonton is proud to have adapted volunteer programs, such as Root for Trees, to be able to operate safely during the pandemic,” said Lydia Fialka, Community Greening Coordinator. “As our planting teams are following all COVID-19 safety precautions we encourage everyone to sign up and learn about Edmonton’s urban forest.”

Root for Trees aims to increase tree planting in Edmonton through continued partnerships with corporations, residents and community groups. Volunteers will not only participate through planting, but will learn more about naturalization and the benefits to our city. 

Public registration for this year’s Root for Trees program is open and residents of all ages are invited to participate. Bookings can be made through a submission form at edmonton.ca/rootfortrees.

To ensure greater resiliency and sustainability in a changing climate, Edmonton continues to expand and preserve our extensive urban forest with a goal of planting two million trees in the coming years.

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