Alberta / covid 19

1,473 new cases in Alberta Province in last 24 hours

Dr.Deena Hinshaw tweets:

Here is a summary of the latest #COVID19AB numbers: There are currently 686 people in hospital due to COVID-19. Of the 517 non-ICU, 74.1% are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. Of the 169 in ICU, 91.2% are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. (1/5)

Over the past 24 hours, we identified 1,473 new cases & completed about 13.6K tests. Complete, up-to-date data, including breakdowns by region, can be found here. (2/5)

We need more Albertans immunized to prevent such outcomes. We know vaccines can limit new cases, & help prevent severe outcomes, long COVID & hospitalizations over the long term. We must work together to reduce transmission to protect our health system & our communities. (3/5)

Sadly, 10 new COVID-related deaths were reported to Alberta Health in the last 24 hours. My condolences go to those mourning the loss of a loved one. Please know you are not alone and there is help to support you through this difficult time. (4/5)

With the weekend upon us, Albertans are reminded to limit in-person contacts to help prevent COVID-19 transmission. Indoor social gatherings put unvaccinated individuals, particularly, at risk. For details on current public health measures, visit: (5/5)


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