Effective snow clearing requires a community effort

News Release

Effective snow clearing requires a community effort

The City of Edmonton is requesting an increase in community effort when it comes to moving vehicles during parking bans. 

“Our crews have been working 24/7 to address Tuesday’s snowfall and in order to ensure roads are safe, our maintenance equipment needs as much access to these areas as possible,” said Andrew Grant, General Supervisor of Infrastructure Field Operations, Parks and Roads Services. “Unfortunately, we are finding that many of our collector roadways and transit park and ride access roads are still populated with vehicles, making it more difficult for equipment to maintain those areas. We have had to adjust our operations, affecting the City’s progress and delaying completion.”

In response to these delays, the City will be extending the Phase 1 parking ban. It is anticipated to last an additional 24 to 48 hours, above the 48-hour timeline previously given. During Phase 1, crews clear arterial roads, collector roads, bus routes (roads marked with seasonal no parking signage), and roads within business improvement areas.

“It takes a community effort to deliver on effective snow clearing,” added Grant. “Please help our crews out and do not park on roads so the equipment can get through.”

Residents are reminded that enforcement is in place and vehicles will be ticketed if they are parked on arterial and collector roads, bus routes and all roads with ‘Seasonal No Parking’ signs. Since this Phase 1 parking ban started on December 14, 186 tickets have been given out.

Parking is prohibited in these areas, however, people may continue to park on their residential streets. Edmontonians are reminded that parking is also allowed on roads as soon as they have been cleared, as long as parking is allowed there normally. Please note, EPark zones are not active during Phase 1 of the parking ban while these areas are cleared.

A Phase 2 parking ban will follow this Phase 1 parking ban. Residents will be given a minimum eight hours notice before the Phase 2 residential parking ban begins.

Residents can sign up for email parking ban alerts and check the progress of clearing on our map at edmonton.ca/safetravels.

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