Nail down your home improvement permit

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Nail down your home improvement permit

Improvement projects such as a new deck, hot tub or greenhouse are great ways to enhance your home while enjoying the summer. Before starting a project, homeowners should visit edmonton.ca/naildownyourpermit to find out if their project requires a permit and what information is needed to submit a complete permit application to avoid delays.

If a permit is required, homeowners are encouraged to apply online early in order to beat the summer construction season rush and ensure they have a permit when they are ready to start their project. Permits can take up to a few weeks to process and issue, depending on the complexity of the project and the City’s current application volumes.

Some projects, including simple decks and garages, may qualify to receive permits through the City’s automated permitting process. Since July 2021 the City has issued 237 deck permits (37.8 per cent of total deck permits), and 140 garage permits (22.7 per cent of total garage permits), through this process, reducing wait times for homeowners.

Homeowners may set up a Home Improvement Permit Application Appointment to have their completed application reviewed prior to submitting it for processing. For more information before getting started, homeowners may also set up a Permit Inquiry Appointment with City staff to ask questions about the permit process and requirements.

Homeowners must start construction within 90 days of receiving an approved permit or they will need to re-apply. Once complete, homeowners must have their work inspected by the City to ensure it meets building and safety code requirements. For certain projects homeowners can have remote video inspections done from the comfort of their home.

From April through June 2022, the City will survey home improvement permit customers on their permit process experience. Feedback gathered through the survey process will identify opportunities for better home improvement permit service delivery. The City will also be introducing changes in 2022 to increase interactive guidance and help customers more quickly and easily navigate the home improvement permit process.

Permits are an important part of building the vibrant, healthy and inclusive city envisioned by the City Plan. They help ensure what is built is safe and meets appropriate regulatory standards.

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