Alberta government providing more than $38 million in community grants to help non-profits enhance public facilities, community-based social programs; NDP Culture Critic says UCP underfunded  Community Initiatives Program, Community Facility Enhancement Program to the tune of $20 million

News Release

Building stronger Alberta communities

Alberta’s government is providing more than $38 million in community grants to help non-profits enhance public facilities and community-based social programs.

By building strong and vibrant communities, Albertans have access to a range of opportunities to connect with their neighbours, learn new skills and get involved in local activities.

“Every day, community and non-profit groups make a difference in the lives of Alberta families, and I am so pleased that our government has the ability to support their work. These community grants are important for their ability to offer safe spaces and quality programming to Albertans of all ages for years to come.”

Danielle Smith, Premier
Through the Community Facility Enhancement Program, Alberta’s government is directing $31.3 million to help upgrade or build 226 public-use facilities across Alberta. These facilities include local food banks, recreation centres, animal shelters, parks and other non-profit facilities.

Additionally, through the Community Initiatives Program, $7 million in funding will be provided to 278 non-profit organizations to help deliver programs and projects that create local jobs, support social causes, recreation and culture activities, and create opportunities for Albertans to engage with their communities.

“The non-profit sector plays a fundamental role in maintaining Alberta’s vibrant civil society and building community engagement. We are proud to support their efforts with grants that are creating jobs and improving the quality of life for Albertans.”

Jason Luan, Minister of Culture

“Funding provided through the Community Facility Enhancement Program will enable Immigrant Services Calgary to expand and renovate our physical space to improve service provision, increase the number of newcomers served, and positively contribute to the socioeconomic landscape of Alberta.”

Casey Kennedy, chief client services officer, Immigrant Services Calgary
“Children and their mothers leaving domestic violence deserve the dignity and comfort of a hopeful, healthy space. This generous infusion of funding from the province will help Discovery House make much-needed improvements and renovations to our aging shelter, ensuring a safe space for families to heal from the trauma they have experienced and go on to thrive in the community.”

Leslie Hill, executive director, Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society
“We want to thank the Government of Alberta for this important funding. It will assist Heritage Park in the development of more Indigenous programming and events, as well as to diversify the storytelling we do as an organization.”

Lindsey Galloway, president and CEO, Heritage Park Society
The Community Facility Enhancement Program
The Community Facility Enhancement Program provides matching funding to help non-profits upgrade, redevelop, purchase or build public-use facilities. The program’s large grant stream funds projects between $125,000 and $1 million, and the small grant stream funds projects up to $125,000. Public-use facilities include community halls, recreation facilities, parks and playgrounds, natural areas, sports fields and food banks.

Qualifying projects demonstrate positive community impact, economic benefits, community need, project readiness and organizational sustainability.

The Community Initiatives Program
Project-based funding through the Community Initiatives Program can go to project needs such as new programming and event-hosting costs, commercial-use vehicle purchases, website development, technology enhancements and marketing. Qualifying projects must address an immediate community-identified need and demonstrate broad community involvement and impact on diverse groups. Projects are also prioritized for funding based on:

project viability and organizational sustainability

project readiness

economic benefits to the community

Operating grants through the Community Initiatives Program support non-profits working to deliver services to vulnerable and disadvantaged Albertans. To qualify, organizations must have a primary mission or objective in:

Providing direct services and programs that address social issues for vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk populations.

Creating equitable access to human, social and economic resources and services for all Albertans.

Supporting community collaborations in addressing broader human or social issues.

News Release

NDP Culture Critic Nicole Goehring issued the following statement in response to the UCP announcing they have underfunded the Community Initiatives Program and Community Facility Enhancement Program:

“Community organizations are struggling to keep their doors open as they recover from the pandemic and face increasing costs. They need immediate support, but as we approach the end of the fiscal year, we’re learning the UCP has severely underfunded them.

“To date, the UCP has underfunded the Community Initiatives Program and the Community Facility Enhancement Program to the tune of $20 million as organizations cry out for help. Meanwhile, the UCP is rushing to give away $20-billion dollars to oil and gas companies experiencing record profits for something they’re already obligated to do.

“The UCP has the wrong priorities and is not focused on the issues that matter to Albertans.

“An NDP government will be focused on making life more affordable for Albertans and supporting the valuable organizations that contribute to building strong communities.”


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