UCP fails to deliver strategy to fix chaos in health care, says NDP Health Critic

News Release


EDMONTON – The Alberta NDP recently presented a bold strategy to fix the chaos in health care caused by the UCP government who today announced that their only response to the crisis is yet another plan to make a plan.

“Jason Copping’s comments on primary care were just like his UCP government’s response to the crisis in our ambulance system,” said David Shepherd, Alberta NDP Health Critic. “It’s just another plan to make a plan.

“The promised budget number barely catches up with the cuts the UCP have inflicted on the entire health-care system over the past three-and-half years. And, over that time, the UCP has caused historic damage to primary care.

“It’s yet another retread of the tired Conservative playbook of cutting funding and tearing health care down for years and then pretending to fix the damage with a pre-election budget.”

Monday was the three-year anniversary of the UCP launching a war on doctors. The UCP tore up the doctors’ contract, cut their pay, harassed them online and in-person, and forced them to deal with mountains of new paperwork just as the pandemic slammed into Alberta.

“Family doctors bore the brunt of the UCP’s open hostility to health-care professionals, with many being forced to close clinics or lay off staff; others retired early, left the profession or left the province,” said Shepherd.

“We need a new approach and I’m proud that the Alberta NDP has exactly that.”

Last week, Leader Rachel Notley announced the Alberta NDP’s Family Health Teams that will connect one million more Albertans to a family doctor and a team of allied health providers.

Family Health Teams can include multiple family doctors as well as Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, mental health therapists, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, community paramedics, community health navigators, physiotherapists, midwives, speech language therapists, and others.

A Family Health Clinic will give all Albertans immediate access to a range of primary care professionals who can help them respond to a problem, manage a chronic condition and generally support Albertans in maintaining good physical and mental health.

An Alberta NDP government will move quickly to hire 1,500 non-physician team members to join existing clinics while work proceeds to open 10 Family Health Clinics across the province.

“We will achieve this with a $600-million transition fund, to be spent over four years. The UCP’s comments on primary care just like all of their recent remarks on healthcare are simply too little too late,” said Shepherd.

“Albertans simply cannot trust the UCP to end the chaos that the UCP caused.

“An Alberta NDP government will connect one million more Albertans with a family doctor and a Family Health Team and we will end the chaos in our hospitals and ambulances by reducing the pressure on our acute care system.”


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