Alberta NDP to create healthcare innovation, challenge fund

News Release


CALGARY – The Alberta NDP will invest an initial $75 million into a Health Innovation Challenge fund, a groundbreaking initiative to improve healthcare across the province and leverage economic growth opportunities in the province.

This ambitious investment, to be distributed over three years, will prioritize the local procurement, scaling, and deployment of innovative software and equipment in public operating rooms and clinics to improve patient outcomes, reduce wait times and procedure times, and lower costs.

“Alberta is home to some of the world’s best and brightest minds in healthcare and innovation,” said Dr. Luanne Metz, Alberta NDP Candidate for Calgary-Varsity. “We have an opportunity to leverage their expertise and adopt innovative practices to improve patient outcomes across the province.”

By simplifying access for smaller innovators and entrepreneurs and streamlining the procurement process, the Healthcare Innovation and Challenge Fund will empower a diverse group of talented experts to develop meaningful solutions for Alberta.

“With the right priorities and the right leadership, I know Albertans can have the best healthcare in the world,” said NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “Instead of chaos under Danilele Smith and the UCP, an NDP government will bring stability to healthcare and will invest in Alberta-made solutions to bring the best talent and researchers together to improve our healthcare system.”

“We recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere, including those working on solutions in health technology right here in Alberta,” said Court Ellingson, Alberta NDP Candidate for Calgary-Foothills. “We are committed to equalizing access for smaller organizations and individual applicants to ensure we don’t miss out on what these talented innovators have to offer.”

Alberta is already home to world-class post-secondary institutions and research and development facilities, including the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and their partnerships with globally recognized organizations like the Institute of Health Economics.

Working with stakeholders across the healthcare industry, including organizations like Alberta Innovates and W21C, the Healthcare Innovation Challenge Fund will build opportunities for mentorship and deployment that respond to upstream demand within the clinical environment.

“We are a proud Alberta company and want the opportunity to sell our products right here in the province,” said Tyler Pubben, President of Tapmaster. “This proposal would give Alberta Health Services a more flexible procurement process that would be good for our business, good for the healthcare system, and good for patients.”

“Alberta is home to some truly incredible innovative health technology companies who are building tools and systems which provide speedier, more thorough care for patients and greater ease of use for providers,” said Benjamin Bergen, President of the Council of Canadian Innovators. “We consistently hear frustration from the province’s technology companies that they are selling their world-leading technology to governments around the globe, but they run into roadblocks here at home.”

“The idea of a health technology innovation fund that meets the specific needs of Alberta’s healthcare providers and patients is exactly the right approach that governments across Canada should be taking, in collaboration and consultation with Canada’s leading innovators.”



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