NDP Scrubs Provincial Executive From Website

NDP Scrubs Provincial Executive From Website

The Notley NDP has scrubbed their website of any listing of their provincial executive after the United Conservative Party released a letter questioning the NDP’s relationship with provincial union bosses, and their ongoing election activity.

The executive list at has been taken down and re-directed to the NDP homepage. Watch this video to see.

“We suspect the NDP is hiding their provincial executive because their executive is stacked with union officials affiliated with third party advertisers,” said Dustin van Vugt, executive director of the United Conservative Party. “It is odd that they would choose to hide this information from the public.”

Earlier today, the United Conservative Party released a letter it sent to Elections Alberta regarding possible violations of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act.

You can read the letter in full here, and a follow-up letter here.

“The law is clear that affiliated third parties are prohibited from undertaking advertising to benefit the NDP or any other party, but evidence shows this is happening right now in Alberta,” said van Vugt. “These two union organizations are spending tremendous amounts of money to promote Rachel Notley and the NDP without disclosing their donors, and the leadership of these unions hold dual roles with the unions they work for and the NDP, which we believe is an egregious conflict of interest that violates the law.”

The UCP is eager to work with Elections Alberta to help with their review and investigation.



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