Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says her party’s capital plan will build new hospitals, schools, transit lines, major infrastructure projects in Calgary

News Release


CALGARY – Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley says her party’s capital plan will build new hospitals, schools, transit lines, and major infrastructure projects in Calgary.
In a rally speech due to be delivered to supporters later on Thursday, Notley says the Alberta NDP will invest $1.2 billion into Calgary projects — including the north leg of the Green Line, a Cancer Innovation Hub, the North Health Campus, 40 new schools and modernizations, affordable housing, a downtown campus, and other downtown revitalization projects. The projects will create thousands of new jobs over the next three years.
“Calgary is young, diverse, entrepreneurial, innovative, and is consistently ranked as one of the best cities in the world to live,” says Notley. 
“The downtown has a sense of energy that draws people in and it has long served as a fundamental part of Alberta’s economy. But Calgary has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn, and despite an increase in global oil prices, we aren’t seeing the return of investment, jobs, and downtown vibrancy that we have seen in the past.”
“An Alberta NDP government will change that. We will build a better future for Calgary.” 
The plan — Building a Better Future for Calgary — includes building the following projects:The North Leg of the Green Line LRT: extending the project from 16 Avenue North to 160 Avenue North.The North Calgary Health Campus: meeting the growing need for 24/7 urgent care in the city and in nearby communities, such as Airdrie.The Cancer Innovation Hub at Calgary Cancer Centre: ensuring Calgary is a leader in cancer care, clinical trials, and medical research across Canada.40 New Schools & Modernizations: desperately needed public, Catholic, and Francophone schools to meet the needs of growing Calgary communities.Downtown Campus: a permanent post-secondary campus to bring students, researchers, and businesses downtown to support innovation, economic diversification, and growth.Downtown Revitalization: targeted capital to support small businesses, storefront improvements, public spaces, festivals and to support revitalization of Chinatown.Affordable Housing: supporting the City of Calgary’s efforts to build the remaining 11,500 units required to meet their goals by 2026.
The UCP promised their corporate tax cut would fill the office towers, but today, Calgary has the second-highest unemployment rate in the country, there are fewer head offices in Calgary than in 2019, and the city now has the highest downtown office vacancy rate in the country.
At the same time, the UCP has attacked public health care and education, downloaded costs onto municipalities, and delayed important projects like the Green Line LRT.
“Now, Calgarians are facing long wait times at the emergency department, can’t get an ambulance when they need one, and surgeries are being delayed,” Notley says. “Meanwhile, class sizes are growing as the UCP fails to build schools or hire teachers and support staff in quickly growing communities.
“It’s time for a different approach and a better plan.”


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