EPS, RCMP and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, combine efforts to keep streets safe for all motorists

News Release

EPS, RCMP and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, combine efforts to keep streets safe for all motorists

The Edmonton Police Service and its partners will be rolling out a one-day, joint traffic initiative on roadways throughout the Alberta capital today, Friday, April 17, 2015, in an effort to keep all motorists safe.

“Altering driver behavior is something that obviously doesn’t occur overnight,” said Sgt. Steve Levesque, of the EPS West Division. “EPS and its law enforcement partners are going to continue to hammer home the message of responsible driving with similar initiatives throughout the spring and summer months.

“Officers and their families also travel these roadways, and we want everyone to get home to their families safely.”

Mounties from detachments in St. Albert, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove, as well as Provincial Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit officials will team up with members from EPS West and Northwest divisions for the one-day traffic initiative.

Law enforcement officials will be conducting laser and mobile radar, as well as commercial vehicle inspections, at several high volume traffic locations throughout the Edmonton area over the course of the day.

Safety inspectors will be checking commercial vehicles over 4,500 kg for faulty equipment, oversize loads, dangerous or stolen goods, load securement and the condition of drivers.

The EPS Traffic Section partners with numerous provincial regulatory agencies to carry out various initiatives throughout the year, in support of the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan.

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